Correlated Data

by Vitaly, Tuesday, June 21st, 2016

Opt-In List Manager 1.2.78 has been released.

What’s New

New analysis feature called “Correlated Data”. It allows to keep or remove the records where data in one column or more specified columns partially or fully correlates to data in another column.



It is needed to find the records that correlate to column 1 (email) from column 2 (first name) or column 3 (last name). Consider them correlating if 3 characters in a row match. Meaning the same 3 characters or more (in the same order) are anywhere in the email address as contained in either the first name column or the last name column.

The software will take “Andrew” and split it into “and”,”ndr”,”dre”,”rew” and check for each of those in the email address. It will find a match with “dre” and therefore be a KEEP row.

If it were to not find “dre” and “rew” (it would find both) but pretend the email was instead.
Then the software would need to take “Smallhouse” and split it into “sma”, “mal”, “all”, “llh”, “lho”, “hou”, “ous”, “use” and check for those in the email address.
In the case of it would find “hou” and KEEP the record.

If both first and last name failed to find any correlation it would remove the record.


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Opt-In List Manager 1.2.77

by Vitaly, Monday, May 16th, 2016

Opt-In List Manager 1.2.77 has been released.

What’s New

Extract And Clean->Clean Mail Lists: Capitalize First Letters.

This feature allows to capitalize the first letter of each word and lowercase the rest when words are separated by ” ” or “.” or “,” or any of those combined like “, ” “. ” etc.


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Opt-In List Manager 1.1.72

by Vitaly, Tuesday, April 12th, 2016

Opt-In List Manager 1.1.72 has been released.

What’s New

  1. Extract And Clean: “Reorder/Remove Fields” box allows up to 40 columns instead of 20.
  2. Filter/Keep Address, Join Lists and other tools allow up to 40 fields instead of 20.
  3. You can specify columns range using a ‘-‘ (example: 5-10).


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Opt-In List Manager 1.1.71

by Vitaly, Friday, March 25th, 2016

Opt-In List Manager 1.1.71 has been released.

What’s New

Added option “Sort Lists”->”Count Duplicates”.


Source list:,FirstName1,LastName1,FirstName2,LastName2,F1,L1

Output without “Remove Duplicates“:


Output with “Remove Duplicates“:



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Opt-In List Manager 1.1.69

by Vitaly, Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016

Opt-In List Manager 1.1.69 has been released.

What’s New

Added option “Extract And Clean”->”Convert OEM to ANSI”.


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