Websites Loader

1.21 released 2019-12-16 [32-bit]
for 32-bit Windows   Download
1.21 released 2019-12-16 [64-bit]
for 64-bit Windows   Download

Websites Loader is a web sites download utility.

It allows to download a web sites from the Internet to a local drive.

Free for private, non-commercial use.

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Websites Loader

Output Folder ({OutDir}). Path to the output directory. Global setting. You can use tag {OutDir} within the paths in the Webisite Projects.

Website Project

Website Project

Project Name. The name of the Website Project.

Group. Website Project's group name.

Source Folder. Path of the Website Project's source directory.

Domain Aliases. The list of domain aliases, delimited by a semicolon (;). Example:;localhost.
Websites Loader will change the links from these domains by replacing the domain part with the path to the Output Folder, or with the Target Base URL (if one is specified).

Web Pages. The list URLs of the web pages to download.

Download Files allows to specify the files (images, stylesheets, etc.) from the web pages to download.

Target Base URL. If specified, then Websites Loader will replace the domain parts of the links to the downloaded web pages with the Target Base URL. That is useful if you want to upload the website to the web server.

Index File. The name of the index file.

Output Folder. Path to the output directory for the Website Project. You can use these tags:

{OutDir} - path of the global Output Folder.
{ProjectName} - the name of the Website Project.