Opt-In Simple Mailer

1.8 released 24-09-2013
for 32-bit Windows   Download

Opt-In Simple Mailer is an easy tool for sending email message to multiple contacts.
It is ideal for sending notification emails to your friends or colleagues.

Opt-In Simple Mailer can read target maillists from files. It supports multi-column maillists, delimited by tab, comma or semicolon.

Opt-In Simple Mailer supports several Randomization Tags (see description below).

Free for private, non-commercial use.

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Opt-In Simple Mailer

Randomization Tags

RND_ALPHA  Random alpha string. Example: {%RND_ALPHA(10,15)%}
RND_NUM  Random numeric string. Example: {%RND_NUM(1,3)%},{%RND_NUM(1-12)%}
RND_AN  Random alpha-numeric string. Example: {%RND_AN(1,3)%}
RND_R  Random number between 0 and 1. Example: {%RND_R%}
DATETIME  Formats current date and time using the specified format string. Example: {%DATETIME(yyyy-mm-dd hh:nn:ss)%}
ROT  One of the choices listed inside this tag, randomly. Example: {%ROT:one|two|three%}
ROTF  Next line from a given text file. Example: {%ROTF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
RNDF  Random line from a given text file. Example: {%RNDF:C:\somepath\file_to_rotate.txt%}
REPEAT  Repeat substring specified number of times. Example: {%REPEAT(1,10)%}{%ENDREPEAT%}
TO_NAME  TO name. Example: {%TO_NAME%}
SUBJECT  Subject. Example: {%SUBJECT%}
TAGATTR  Extract HTML tag value. Example: {%TAGATTR:tag,attr,key_attr,key_value%}
COLUMN  Column with name "FieldName". Example: {%COLUMN:fieldname%}
COLUMN1  Column # 1. Example: {%COLUMN1%}
COLUMN2  Column # 2. Example: {%COLUMN2%}
COLUMN3  Column # 3. Example: {%COLUMN3%}
COLUMN4  Column # 4. Example: {%COLUMN4%}
COLUMN5  Column # 5. Example: {%COLUMN5%}
COLUMN6  Column # 6. Example: {%COLUMN6%}
COLUMN7  Column # 7. Example: {%COLUMN7%}
COLUMN8  Column # 8. Example: {%COLUMN8%}
COLUMN9  Column # 9. Example: {%COLUMN9%}
OUT  Out field name. Example: {%OUT:Column1%}{%ENDOUT%}
DEF  Define new (custom) tag. Example: {%DEF:MYTAG%}{%ENDDEF%}. Example of usage custom tag: {%MYTAG%}