Opt-In List Manager: Merge E-Mail Lists

The purpose of this tool is to merge multiple e-mail lists. This is useful if you get new e-mail addresses and you want to merge them all in your big "Master" file. And you'd like to know which of these new e-mail addresses are really new (does not exists in the Master file yet).

Merging tool requires that input files and your Master file must be in sorted order. If you are not sure of this, put check marks in the appropriate Sort/De-Dup First options. With option Sort By Domain you can tell Opt-In List Manager that input files and Master file must be sorted alphabetically or by domain. Also you can turn on the Multi Column Support (see What is Multi Column Support for details).

Files Containing New Addresses

Input files and folders from which e-mail addresses will be merged.

Master List File

Specifies the Master list file.

Output File Containing Addresses Not Previously In The Master List

All addresses that are not already present in your Master file, will be written in this file. Leave it blank if you don't want keep the added addresses.

Sort By Domain (Advanced Sort Options)

This option allows you to work with e-mail lists sorted by domain.

Multi Column Support (Advanced Sort Options)

This option allows you to process multicolumn e-mail lists.