Web Proxy Checker Pro

1.8.55 released 2018-11-22
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Professional proxy checking software that supports various types of proxies.

Web Proxy Checker


Recent News

[2016-02-12] MySQL Support (WPC)
[2015-12-13] Web Proxy Checker Pro 1.7.44
[2015-07-01] Resolve External IP


  • Check SOCKS4, SOCKS5, HTTP, HTTPS proxies with or without authentication.
  • Check for connect to the specified host:port.
  • Check for URL (using HTTP GET or POST requests).
  • Load and combine proxies without checking.
  • Multithreaded.
  • Handle redirects.
  • Download proxy lists from the web.
  • MySQL support.
  • Customizable User Agent.
  • Customizable HTTP Headers (Accept, Accept-Encoding).
  • Built-in proxy distribution web server.
  • Proxy country detection.
  • RBL (DNSBL) check.
  • Multi-process Architecture.
  • Check for connect to specifed mail server and perform SMTP commands.
  • Check for SMTP delivery.
  • Check for anonymity - detect anonymous and high anonymous proxies.
  • Resolve IPs of reverse proxies.
  • Upload good proxies to FTP.
  • Extract proxies from web pages.
  • Scan IP ranges.